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Make window cleaning a breeze with EVIS window cleaning robot. This advanced device uses advanced cleaning technologies and remove dirt, grime, and streaks from the surface of your windows, leaving them sparkling clean. With its ability to navigate around obstacles and clean even hard-to-reach windows, this robot can save you time and effort while providing consistently high-quality cleaning results.

Dust, rain stains, pollen, fingerprints and all other dirt can be easily wiped off without any extra hassle just by pushing one button. Leave the window cleaning to a robot that lets you enjoy the spring sunshine through clean windows. Say goodbye to tedious window cleaning and hello to sparkling clean windows with the help of our window cleaning robot.

5 pcs of extra cloths for window cleaning robot

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10 pcs of extra cloths for window cleaning robot

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20 pcs of extra cloths for window cleaning robot

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3 different cleaning functions integrated
The Window Cleaning Robot has 3 different trajectory related functions. Z cleaning – horizontal cleaning from left to right N cleaning – vertical cleaning from bottom to top Automatic cleaning – automatically selected cleaning mode.

Security and UPS systems
The robot is well protected against any accidental falls. First, the window robot have powerful vacuum motors that attach themselves firmly to the surface of the window which is being cleaned. Our window robots also have the integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of an unexpected power failure. The pack also includes a heavy-duty 4.5 meter rope that will protect the robots from any accidental fall. With such protection, no wind is a threat.

Meticulous cleaning
Special microfiber cloths are highly absorbent and will wipe off all dirt. After placing the new cloth on the robot, spray it with water or with a special window cleaning fluid.

Automatic return to the starting point
The robot will automatically return to the starting point after cleaning the window. Smart cleaning distribution will help you clean thoroughly the whole window area.

Easy to operate
The window robots can be activated by pressing the single button on the body. You can control and set the different cleaning modes using the remote control.

• 3 movement trajectories
• Powerful cleaning
• Integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
• Dry and wet cleaning
• Slip resistant movement
• Edge recognition sensor
• Cleaning speed – 2min/m² • 3000PA cleaning power
• Automatic switch-off when cleaning is complete
• Remotely controlled
• Easy to use
• Premium quality microfibre cloths
• The robot works only with a cord (plugged into a power socket)
• Voltage – 220V
• Power – 80W
• Model – EVIS Robot WS-6080
• Size- 24x24x10cm
• Weight – 1.4kg
• Noise level – 65dB
• Suitable for all window types
• Returns to the starting point when cleaning is complete

• Window cleaning robot
• Remote control
• 4.5m safety rope (150kg)
• 4 microfibre cloths
• 4m extension cable
• Adapter with a cable
• Water container

23 reviews for Window cleaning robot “EVIS ROBOT”

  1. Stasy

    You need to be there, change the cloths, sometimes spray some spray. But overall, a wonderful helper.

  2. Steve

    For those with large windows, it’s a lifesaver!

  3. Garry D.

    So far it is working perfectly.

  4. Seema

    Not bad, not great, but good. Needs some chemicals

  5. Stanley H.

    Very fast delivery and the robot does its job as it should

  6. Aron


  7. Katherine R.

    Considering that the windows hadn’t been cleaned since autumn, it did a great job.of course I expected it to shine, but a robot is not a hand after all. You need to be near a robot, of course.

  8. Ashley

    Friends have recommended it, and so far I have not been disappointed. I also cleaned the shower cabin with it 🙂

  9. Collin

    The Electric Window Robot has become irreplaceable in our office. It cleans windows perfectly on both the inside and outside. Not only have we saved time, but we’ve also managed to cut costs for cleaners. Definitely recommended.

  10. Heyitsdaniela_20

    i’ll tell you how – I bought it and I was afraid that it wouldn’t clean anything and it would smudge the windows.But it cleaned perfectly, I can’t be any happier to see how much health and energy I saved!

  11. Oscar

    Arrived within 3 days. The robot is well packaged and very easy to operate. Good machine. I recommend. Thank you.

  12. Andrew

    Great tool for places which can’t be reached with hands

  13. Chloe R.

    The most important thing is to follow the enclosed instructions and not to improvise.

  14. Liam L.

    I have a lot of windows, I wash them by hand every few days, the robot wiped them all in half a day 🙂 Great machine!

  15. Jane

    i was surprised that It had a cord,but the cord is very long so its not a problem.

  16. Brianna C.

    It sucks, like a leech. Only the window must be open for the power cord. There is a spare rope, but I have never used

  17. Josh

    Convenient, especially in spring. I was surprised…

  18. Maegan M.

    I bought it because I can’t reach everywhere. It’s just a robot, anyway some places need to be cleaned by hand, but most of the work is done. I would recommend it to others.

  19. Ashley

    I like this particular model because it squeezes in well to the corners Cleans both vertically and horizontally, leaving no residue. I will buy one for my parents too.

  20. Céline M.

    You shouldn’t expect perfectly clean windows, but using it once a month will definitely make your windows look better than if you clean them once a year. I would recommend it for hard-to-reach glass.

  21. Chris B.

    Excellent. My neighbor recommended it, so I ordered it.

  22. Jessica S.

    the best purchase of the year, without a doubt.

  23. Rebecca M

    The robot is quite noisy, but overall I am satisfied.

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